420 Document

This is all from a segment out of the 3rd Cannabible.

Cannabis is a greek word, of African descent. It means canna- canine - "Dog" and bis - "two". So it is the "Two Dog" plant.

In Mali, West Africa, there is a pot loving tribe called the Dogons. The Dogons were visited by Herodotus, a Greek traveller and chornicler, around 300 BCE. Herodotus came upon the tribe during their yearlong celebration of cannabis that occured every 50 years.

Explaining their celebration, the Dogons point to the brightest star, Sirius, and said it was the "two dog star" and home of the "two dog plant" cannabis. Cannabis, they say, was brought to our planet by the goddess from the Sirius.

Now it gets interesting because the Dogons had specific knowledge about the Sirian system for thousands of years before scientists could prove them right.

The Dogons knew that Sirius B was a white dwarf star, and that it was the heaviest of the group. They were able to describe its elliptical orbit with Sirius A, its 50 year orbital period, and the fact that the star rotates on its own axis. Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye and so difficult to observe that no known photographs were taken of it until 1970.

The Dogons also described a third star Sirius C, which was only discovered in 1995.

So how did the Dogons know about the 50 year orbital period? They say it was brought to them by Nommo, an amphibious being sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind.

Could this explain the diversity in the cannabis gene pool? There are cannabis flavors that mimic almost every fruit on the planet, and reminiscent of numerous herbs, and then there are flavors that are seemingly out of this world...

What if these strains and flavors are really from outer space? What if cannabis is a plant highly regarded and traded not just on our planet, but throughout the universe?