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  • Unbleached Pure Hemp King Size - Box of 50 Packs

Pure Hemp the next generation... Unbleached!! Pure Hemp is proud to introduce the newest Pure Hemp papers, 1 1/4" Size Pure Hemp Unbleached. We're staying true to our roots and taking up a notch with the same great Pure Hemp paper you've come to love, but sans bleach. Still 100% hemp without the the white.
50 packs per box - 2" W x 4 1/4" L

Natural Gum

Our gum is derived from the resins of a particular kind of African Acacia tree - the Acacia Senegalensis. This Acacia variety was best known in the days of the Pharaohs, today it has become more rare. These Acacias are slow growing desert trees. It is said their roots spread out as far as 20 kilometers. Today this tree is native only in the Sudan, although it has also come to be cultivated on small farms in Mali, Niger and Senegal. Pure Hemp Papers use gum from both these sources, the wild and domesticated. Acacia resin, once tapped from the trees, is dissolved in water, filtered, pasteurized and turned into a fine powder. The sealer strip on Pure Hemp papers is made only from natural Arabic gum. First and foremost, it is a completely chemical-free substance, with no additives of any kind. Our Arabic gum passes the highest known food standard parameters; it has neither taste nor calories; it even possesses mildly beneficial characteristics, being a natural cholesterol reducer! Great care is taken to know about, guard and monitor everything that goes into making Pure Hemp 'roll your own' papers. In this way we can honestly guarantee their purity and naturalness, even down to the humble gum that so cleverly serves to hold your cigarette together.

Unbleached Pure Hemp King Size - Box of 50 Packs

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