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The MONARCH grinder was designed to accommodate the customers of the420site that emailed us with their recommendations for a larger grinder and for our Arthritic customers that needed a grinder that was easier to hold because of their disability. It is molded from a USA made Medical grade Polycarbonate with very high tensile strength, total impact resistance, water clear clarity and UV resistant. The MONARCH also has a total of 133 TROCAR Teeth which gives you a very large 7 square inches grinding area and two exceptionally large 3.5 cubic inch storage compartments for a total of 7 cubic inches. Storage caps are made from medical grade LDPE and come in Tan and Clear. The dimensions are 1.875” x 3.250” wide. Storage compartments are 3.0” x .5” in depth.

Width 3.250"
Depth 1.875"
Storage Two 3.5 cubic inch compartments

Monarch Grinder

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