About the420site.com

the420site.com was created to provide the most accurate and in-depth information about everything cannabis.  With so many websites about marijuana, hemp or cannabis it can become very discouraging, convoluted, and confusing. At the420site.com we do all the extensive research for you, so everything you are looking for about cannabis is on one thorough website.

Here at the420site.com our goal is to answer every question with complete facts and educate people about the correct origins of cannabis, cannabis species (indica, ruderalis, sativa), cures for diseases and cancers, myths and theories about cannabis, what cannabinoids are, the genetics of cannabis, delivery systems for cannabis, and much more.

What you'll find:

The history of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana is shrouded in mystery, myths, legends, folklore, proverbs, and misconceptions.  It can be very difficult for anyone to distinguish between the facts and falsehoods surrounding cannabis.  We are digging deep into the unexplained about cannabis to investigate the myths and misconceptions to unearth the truth and real history behind cannabis.

Along with history, you'll find many health cures using cannabis, hemp seeds, hemp oil, and how cannabinoids heal the body.  the420site.com is here to give you the absolute best information so you can start healing yourself today.

There are may different uses for cannabis from textiles and paper, to anxiety relief and cancer elimination.  Delivery systems, such as cannabis oil, vaporizers, bongs, pipes, joints, capsules, and eatables all provide a means of getting cannabis into our body.  Each delivery system offers varying effects and dosages, which may be crucial for your needs or condition.  We explain in great detail what the best delivery system is for you.

You will also enjoy our amazing cannabis cooking recipes.  Unlike most marijuana and cannabis eatables, our recipes provide you with the correct dosage and proper methods when cookinng with cannabis products.  Check out our free videos on baking "cannabis banannabis bread", "munchie muffins", and "bro brownies".  Each video shows you how to use the right amount when cooking with weed, hemp butter, or cannabis oil.

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Discovering how the genetics of cannabis works you'll learn that cannabis breeds are each unique, and offer varying results.  For advance cannabis growers, you'll find out how to generate new cannabis breeds by learning how to correctly standardize plants.  We also break down the cannabis plant for you, so you can easily understand what THC is and how cannabinoids work.

Our bud grinder, storage bags, and vaporizer have all been extensively researched and developed to provide the absolute best products on the market for you.  Visit our shop and see why you can't live without 'em.

What you'll get:

Aristotle said, "To be learning something is the greatest of pleasures".  the420site.com is full of discoveries of cannabis for you to learn and enjoy.  For cannabis history, uses, delivery systems, genetics, recipes, health cures, and a whole lot more; the420site.com has everything you need to know about cannabis.