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The Really brand oral strips are made in the USA of 99.99% pure CBD. They are manufactured in small batches to control the quality of the product and are hand extruded. Each batch is tested for potency before packaging so the proper milligram amount is on each label. They are packaged in a medical grade polymer container that is specifically designed for the Really product. There are 4 strips per package and come in 10mg, and 15mg doses per each strip. Really strips dissolve in 10 to 15 seconds and will medicate you in less then 15 minutes. There are NO euphoric feelings like that of THC. They are non-psychoactive. CBD is known to have the following medical properties: anti-convulsant, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral/anti-cancer, anxiolytic/anti-depressant and actually counteracts anxiety and depression disorders. Really strips are made with all natural ingredients and are sugar free. Advantages: convenient, accuracy of dosage and portable to carry. There is no need for water. This product can be taken anywhere. Please use discression. Keep away from children.

ALLERGY WARNING: They are made with nut oils.

Keep refrigerated for longer shelf life.

Really CBD Fast Dissolving Oral Strips

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